looking for a phd in cancer tumourigenesis


hi, anyone with sych info, please help! thanx!


cancer research uk? cancer labs in cambridge? breast cancer research uk? research cancer in find a phd etc there are loads!




Sorry, I can't help it with this one.

Are you really trying to tell me that you were incapable of thinking where to try and find a cancer based PhD!!????! You found your way to this site and then it all became a little too much to figure out how you might go about looking for a PhD in that area? If I was you I'd give up now, cures for cancer are a lot harder to find than the "search" link at the top of this page.


its a pity u think that.its my first time in the uk, first day on the website.sorry if i offended you with my lack of insight to find myself a phd!thats why this is a forum! to ask around for ideas.anyway who cares what you think, i know i dont.


Perhaps universities with Biomedical Science departments will be able to help. I would try a search for UK universities and biomedical sciences.

And welcome to the UK




Hi Marisette

I have recently been confronted with a cancer research project at the University of Sterling, Scotland, may be a place from which you could try and get more information.




Adem makes a sound point, albeit rather harshly. You might want to give what he is saying a little thought.


i did try to look but they have conditions like u have to have been a uk resident 4 atleast 3 years.i have been to so many sites, but still got the same,iv been here for 2months,just joined the forum 2day, so i posted my ? hoping someone had fresh ideas, thats all. he dint have to be rude about it.this a forum, so what i sound naive, at least i asked and i got an answer, a new one at that and applied for that PHD,2day.and i really appreciated cz i wasnt aware.anyway thanx!



where are you from. well I understand what you are saying, but perharps it was the lack of information in your original post athat ticked adem off. I must admit , I kind of thought the same too justa when I read it, but now that you have given a bit more info it is a lot clearer.

to get to the point, many Phd posts would want uk or eu pple to cut on the fees costs. but having said that thre a a few ones that take pple from anyhwere, I think the best site for you is the findaphd.com. here you should look at progarams with the world sign in front of them and thse would be the one u r eligible for. but i bet u knew that already


Thanks!! i knew that but thanks for taking the trouble to answer to my thread anyway.i come from kenya, your name sounds South African? but i have given up doing a PHD at the moment, maybe 2009, after i have one year work experience and have gotten used to the life here in the UK.