Looking for others who are working/parenting while studying


Hi all,

I have just recently started my PhD part time and I was hopeful there would be other people who are working full time while studying, and also possibly parenting! I work full time in the drug development field, my PhD is on DNA aptamers as therapeutics, my child is 7 and we have a puppy, you know, might as well go the whole hog!! Obviously finding it all a bit overwhelming, but once I have more of a plan, I think it will be fine, fingers crossed!

Anyone else working in a similar field / have a whole heap of commitments?

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Hi minklou,

My PhD is done and dusty, but I did write-up whilst working a full-time job and trying to explain doctoral degrees to a three-year old (he told me his own PhD would be on a kids TV show and then claimed to have finished it in an afternoon). It was tough, but manageable with consistent ring-fencing of a couple of evenings / weekend morning.