Looking for PhD in aerospace engg. in Europe universities


I am anbuselvan, completed my M.Tech in aerospace engg. from IIT Bombay.
I have a keen interest in doing PhD in aerospace engineering (particularly experimental hypersonics) in european countries. I am not looking for well-reputed universities but the university should be in position to provide scholarship such that to meet my living expenses.
With this regard, i sent mails alongwith my resume to few professor but no one responded. i am confident on my resume but there is some problem which i could not able to figure it out. Could someone guide me how to process the application in european countries?.


For UK universities, try consulting local British Council office. They should be able to guide you appropriately.
I got offer from a world famous university in UK. They invited applications for that post mentioning in their website. I had discussion with the Professor through emails and after a round of interview, I got the offer. I'm yet to join the univ.


hi murali thanks for the reply. i consulted british council but i found of no use from them. i send mails to machester univ, cranfield, imperial college of london and queen mary. I got a reply from imperial college saying that no phd positions are currently available. the prof from manchester univ asked me to process the application but when i asked questions related to research proposal and scholarship, he didnt reply to me yet (almost 2 weeks gone).

could you give me the details of ur university, scholarship, fees waiver details, etc ...... if u dont mind?
my e-mail id is [email protected]

have any idea about european universities? i heard good amount of scholarship is provided in european universities.


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Try Euraxess (don't have the address but Google it) - its got a load of European Unis on there including the generously funded Marie Curie studentships.


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Hi Selvan,