looking for PhD schools


Hello all, pls i am graduated from obafemi awolowo university nigeria with a second class upper degree . i was told some schools accept students with a second class upper directly from certain universities into their PhD programmes without first doing a masters programme.is it true, if so how do i get a list of these schools?
thank you


Assuming you are not self-funding, it is generally only funded PhDs in science subjects that take people with a relevant degree (upper second or first class) but no masters. There is no list of schools - you should look to see what funded PhDs are being advertised and apply for them wherever they are.


I think the majority of universities will accept a 2:1 without a Masters. Most PhDs these days are 3 years in duration, structured so that the first year is considered an "MPhil" year. At the end of the first year you write an MPhil thesis, and if this is good enough, you are then allowed to continue the next two years as your PhD.

Smilodon is correct; there are no lists. You can look in the relevant journals for advertised PhDs, or contact potential supervisors directly.


There was a post a little while ago regarding the comparative value of Nigerian undergraduate degrees. It might be worthwhile searching the forum for that.


Duno, golfpro,smilodon sthank you very much for your prompt rensponse, it was very helpful
and handy.