love life of a Phd student? zero


I'm happy as long as:

"love life of a PhD student? - zero STDs"


i am 4 years in and finally writing up my thesis. I quit mty teaching for a year, moved to another state for 5 months ago. Thought I could write away from home, husband of 18 year sand a busy social life...well have done half of what I intended but have at least set it up and have 3 chapters and 140 pages. I have also realised that I am ready to back to my home and very supportive husband and that a PhD is at least 50% a personal spiritual struggle/journey. I have learned more about me and my prograstenation tactics than I held for possible and have also gone through the 'shadow' side of human nature....tears depression, lack of confidence, fear...every emotion hit interesting still not there but the emotions are getting easier to handle...