LSE or UCL? Help!


Is a degree taken abroad considered as a british one?
I'm gonna take a 1st in Politics in my country (Italy!). Do you think I have good chances to get into the best universities?
thank you...


Dre - as long as you get the necessary marks and have a sufficient English Language score (if relevant) then there will be lots of unis happy to take your international student fees!


Hello! I know I am about 7 years late to actively participate in this thread, but I am now facing the same dilemma as Amiera and was hoping you could tell me about your decision with hindsight. I need to soon decide: UCL (International Public Policy) or LSE (Global Politics).

What did you decide and why? Are you happy with your choice?


Both are great but if I were you I'd chose LSE as the course seems more interesting and I do know that its name carries cache whether you intend to continue with your studies or find a job after the course. That's not to say UCL would tarnish your CV of course but for these courses I'd hands down go to LSE.