Master After Master degree?


Hi Guys,

I'm considering doing some further study after finishing an engineering-related PhD, just to get some training in other areas of interest.

I was wondering if anyone knew the significance of a Master-After-Masters degree (they seem quite popular in Netherlands/Belgium). Do you know if the degree is considered equal or higher to a conventional British MA/MSc?



Never heard of it

I would be cautious about taking lower level qualifications after a PhD. Mista G actually has a very good point about working - if you go to an employer and you're taking Master's qualifications after a PhD they will question why you didn't focus in this new field in the first place, why you feel you are still at the Masters level (lots of academics change fields after their PhD, but you're supposed to have the study skills to take on new research independently after the PhD) and also it may undermine your PhD by going 'down a step' to Masters level

To me it would imply you don't have confidence in the research skills you've acquired at the PhD level


I would agree with SixKitten on this, If you want to change your field the time to do it is after your PhD, Doing a masters would be seen as a step back of lack of confidence in your skills.

I don't know about your background but I know in science it's relatively common to change your field or apply your knowledge of your current field to an interdisciplinary subject, I don't know if this is possible for you


I think I agree with the others, how would it look to potential employers? They would think you are interested in getting to the real world.