Master in development studies..?Where?


I'm an italian boy and I'm going to attend a master in development studies or environment&development studies in Uk but I don't know which university is best ranked in this kind of courses.
I read about master at Sussex University, Manchester, Southampton, Warwick, East Anglia, Swansea, Dublin...
Anybody knows which is the best and where I can find a ranking of the master in development studies?
Thank you very much


Apparently Lancaster is quite good and includes a placement project I think. I've had friends do the one in Cambridge and they seem to have done well


Try at the SOAS ( I hope it's gonna be useful to you...
I'm Italian and I'd like to attend a masters in the UK as well.
Are you studying in Italy at the moment? I'm attending my second year at Pavia right now. Maybe we could share some informations...


Hey guys,I'm Sara and i'm Italian too! we're not alone,then! when do u think you will start the master, or anyway, move to the UK? let stay in touch ok? sara


hi! write me a email... much more better to stay in touch!
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