Master's after PhD?


Is it possible to study for a master's in a different field in a different country after a PhD? I'm currently at an Oxbridge biz school doing a PhD but am interested in studying for a Master's in Public Policy in Singapore or a Master's in Development in Germany.


wow,go for it, why would you thou????


Because life in the "real world" sux! It's better to be a student


That's an interesting view, though I don't really see why it would be better to be a student.

If I had the choice I would like to be a first year Undergraduate student again, though. Life was simple the and now it's too complex.


Life as a student is better because there is a definite goal to reach within a certain deadline. I was in the real world for 5 years and there was nothing to be achieved, only living day by day a meaningless routine in order to get money.

Actually, if I could, I would go back to first year undergrad in History, Geography, and Languages--my real passions--rather than practice the stuff I studied--Engineering, Information Systems and Business.


I agree O.Stoll, I would love to be an undergrad again.. Life was much easier/simpler back then..

I have thought about doing a Masters when I have finished my PhD, but the one I have thought of doing is a distance learning one from the uni where I did my undergrad.


I totally agree I'd love to go back to undergrad level and learn something for enjoyment's sake - and something that doesn't make my head want to explode just from trying to understand it!!!!!

I definitely think I'll start a degree in psychology or something (i'm in computing at the moment!) but I'll do it part time... That's one thing I couldn't go back to - first year undergrad full time and no promise of money for 3/4 more years