Meeting with an influential academic in your field


In the next couple of weeks I am meeting with an influential academic within my (relatively small) field. I'm wondering what I should or could bring in order to keep him in my thoughts with future projects. I am entering the 3rd year of my PhD and this guy could open a lot of doors for me. I've already reviewed one of his recent publications for a prestigious journal and really want to make the most of this informal but still important meeting. I seem to be embarking on a similar journey to him in terms of research trips to certain universities, publication strategies etc, so I can ask him all about that, but I just want to make a good impression.

Anyone have any experience of this?


Hi Larry,

I think the key is to have a pleasant conversation, making sure that both parties have the idea that they can work with each other. That means that the content of the conversation may not be that relevant, you should assess more whether there a match of personalities, interests, work patterns etc. I think there is nothing worse than working with someone you really do not like, whatever the status or influence of that person.