Methodology Chapter - Ontology & Epistemology


Hey Everyone,

I'm currently struggling with the methodology chapter of my PhD.

I need to include a section which tackles ontology and epistemology.

The focus of the PhD is 'Processes of recovery from gambling addiction' and shall involve me interviewing people who have experienced gambling problems.

However, I'm not too sure or confident about the ontology and epistemology aspect of what I should include.

I submitted a previous draft that was criticized for being too 'textbook'.

Does any kind person out there have any advice how I should approach ontology and epistemology?

Cheers everyone,

Thanks for any advice

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Walminski helped me with this. He read my methods chapter and suggested it was also a bit 'textbook' his comments were basically don't describe the epistemology etc, just summarise, but focus on *why* you have chosen it. So I stripped mine back and just left a table in that explains the different epistemology, and then focused on why I chose what I did in relation to my specific field.

I know some people liek to make it all 'personal' like a research journey or something - that's a bit touchy feely for me. I basically went with "it was the best thing for the job" lol.


Cheers for the reply Sneaks.


I just had to leave a comment on here- THANK YOU - sneaks - I think you just solved all my problems with the simple way to look at my epistemlogy.
I could literally hug you :-) I am sending you a hug over the waves )))))))..cheers for this tip.(up)(gift)