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Does anyone else use microsoft project? Is there a way include a number of different time frames on the same line for the same task? i.e I worked on a task intermittently from Sept 09-Oct 09, Jan 10-Mar 10, Jan 11- Mar 11.

is there a way to input these for 1 task or do I have to create several different ones?

I've just recently started using Project but need to produce this chart by lunchtime tomorrow!



This works in 2007 and I think should work in previous versions. All you need to do is give the task a main title like Project Meetings (as a normal task). Then put a task underneath it such as meeting one, then one under that (e.g. meeting two). Then click on the meeting one task and then indent in (there is an icon for this that look like an arrow going this way ==> or use the shortcut alt shift and right cursor). Then do the same for meeting two. Then you can click on the [-] box at the side of the meeting main title to hide the sub tasks underneath.

Hope this helps a bit - it would be better if I could show you screenshots.

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Hi Zakbrown

Thanks for your reply! I did as you said but the problem now is that if I click the minus sign beside the overall task, not only does the subtask name disappear but also it's bar (bad terminology sorry - I mean the line that show's it's duration).

Does anyone know of a way around this?




I was looking at an old project plan that I did and forgot about the other steps...

For the task duration bar for the main task (e.g. meetings - I think the default colour is black) right click on it, then click on format bar, then make sure the shape for the start, middle and end are all blank.

then right click on meeting one duration bar (should be blue) and then click task information, then check the box that says 'roll up gantt chart to summary' and click ok.

do the same for the next sub task (e.g. meeting two)

then click on the minus if you want to hide the sub tasks or plus to show them.