Microsoft word 2010-PLEASE HELP


Hi I could literally scream right now!!! have barely slept and now trying to sort out my formatting and word is playing up on me.. or maybe im just slow??????????

I have numbered the pages and then realised I numbered the coverpage so I would like to change that!! I have tried all the options I can think of especially the REMOVE PAGE NUMBERS OPTION and its doing something funny like greying out the numbers... so then I have doubled clicked the document and gone on to the header footer page so the numbers now are activated but still even the remove page numbers option there has not got rid of them :-s:-s:-s:-s

Please help me:-(


...ahem!! :$ gods be good!! I feel so ashamed at replying to my own post - please ignore the post :$ I have sorted the problem- [hangs head in shame :-(] ---I put it down to lack of sleep and living on coffee:p
So panic over x

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Hi, I'm not sure I'm on that version of Word or whether this will help but....

Is it possible to start the page numbers from 0 and press the not show on the first page option?

I have done this before for essays etc that need to be uploaded electronically so cannot be put in a different documents and printed off.

Sorry if this is not that helpful and good luck

Caterpillar :-)

Ahh - I see you've sorted it - Fab :-)


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I don't have Word 2010, but in earlier versions in the header/footer menu there is a page setup option/button, this should open up options such have different headers and footers for odd and even pages, it also has an option for "first page different" if you check this option when you go back to the header/footer on page 1 it should say "first page header" (where as all the others just say "header") this should now allow you to set up a different header for page 1 to the rest.

Edit: Glad to see you've sorted it.


Well done Naturalme, I think most people have had a few MS word formatting and pagination issues certainly worthy of pulling ones hair out lol. Maybe a helpful page on this site would be useful of how to deal with these rather tedious issues as it really isn't that obvious to me :$


Hi Naturalme,

I couldn't help but giggle to myself as I had a similar experience the other day where I started the thread on the issue of pagination and soon after I found the answer. The joys of MS2010!

It happens to all of us! Well done you for finding the solution so quick though (up)


Thank you all for your concerns and quick replies with some solutions,... I think we should definately start a MS2010 support group :p -

MS2010'ers anonymous ( dont know where I was going with that but you get the point :-)

Skig its lovely to see you are around hope its all going ok .. I havent been on here for a minute - I have had to get my head down for submission purposes :-) x hows it going on your end? and everyone else for that matter! I hope you are all manging with your schedules and deadlines(up)