Minor corrections awarded following resubmission


Hello everyone,

Heard from my examiners.........

Examiners awarded minor corrections following my resubmission :)

Still in complete disbelief! Can't stop shaking!!! :)

Big thank you to everyone supporting me on this forum. Couldn't have got through this without you x




OMG! That's amazing news Pineapple, I'm so so happy for you! You must be over the moon.....well done, you've done so well to hang in there all this time. Now have a damn good celebration and get some rest!!!
Huge congratulations! KB


As a prospective student I followed your thread to see what I was letting myself in for, lol. Well done Dr :-) now onwards and upwards xxx


Ahhh finally! I've been checking and checking, so glad to hear you've finally got the answer! Well done Dr. Pineapple, things are on the up for now!! :) Go and throw yourself a mahoosive celebration party, you deserve it!

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Get the minor corrections done and get on with the rest of your life lass!!!

Congratulations and all the best!!!

Wish I could give you another hug.

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)


Just seeing this post now! massive congratulations!!!! so so happy for you :D


Huge congratulations Dr Pineapple :)

I have been checking in and out of the forum over the last few weeks pretty much just to see if you had any news. Enjoy the afterglow of that great result, do your minor corretions and it's done. You can finally move on. Well done.

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Congratulations Dr Pineapple! I have been following your story, and I am really chuffed for you. You really deserved this happy ending. It is much more meaningful because it has been entirely your own effort. Well done!


Just logging in to say CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Pineapple. So happy for you. Said it before and I'll say it again you are such a strong, very tolerant, and resilient person. & remember all the good things your examiners said previously about being able to get more publications. what's it they say? A work of real merit finds favour at last or something like that :-) Well done & enjoy this. Pop open the bubbly. You deserve it. Wishing you every success with your future career :-)


WOOHOO!! Huge congratulations!!! I had a strong feeling that would be the result, and I am so happy for you that I was right!! You really deserve it after all the hard work you put in, and I hope you feel that all the torture was worth it in the end. It must have felt like this was dragging on forever, but hopefully you can look back on this and feel proud of what you have achieved and forget about all the stress and anxiety they put you through. It makes me so angry on your behalf that they dragged this out for so long, they could have put you out of your misery weeks ago! But at least this tale has a happy ending, and I can finally say - well done Dr Pineapple!!!! Now go and get plastered :)

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I'm new to these forums and I only know the surface of the back story, but thought I'd say well done anyway. So, congratulations! What an achievement. I wish you all the best for the future.

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What a blessed relief! I could cry for you... Enjoy it! Xxxx


Congratulations :)


Well done Dr Pineapple! I've been following your thread for months now, and have been regularly checking the forum pretty much to see if you'd heard anything! I'm on the verge of submitting, your story has been gripping, so pleased its a happy ending...