moving from US to UK


Hey folks,
I did my MA in the UK, moved to the US 18 months ago to do my PhD and it's now likely I'll be moving back to the UK next year to finish writing up. A combination of things mean that it's necessary for me to be closer to my parents. I'm already looking into this myself, but wondered if any of you had any ideas about what my job prospects would be like if I moved back? I'd need to be working (at least) part-time while writing up and would prefer to teach, but will that be impossible wihtout having completed my PhD? I'll have 3 years' experience teaching undergrads by then. I'd be happy to teach secondary or uni level. Any insights much appreciated!


As far as I know you need some kind of teaching qualification to teach in a school. That training could be a PGCE, or there is some kind of on the job training scheme on a reduced salary. You can't teach in a secondary school without the relevant training though. Further education colleges also have training requirements - and FE is much sort after as an option - competition is fierce.

I know people who have got jobs at private schools without teacher training - perhaps you could look into that if there are any near your parents.

The universities I'm familiar with would not allow you to teach yet unless you have formally applied for a position and are very close to submitting - but I would look at the area and see what HE institutions are local and ask them directly. Some universities employ tutors who only need a first degree.


Perhaps you could give private tuition, either through an agency or put your own ad out. Agencies should be on the internet.

Just a warning that teaching is a lot of work when you add in prep and marking (and school teaching can be very stressful). It might not be the best option if you are also writing up. Private tuitions might be better.


the open university is frequently looking for tutors. you could try that. would give you some flexibility and the possibility to work from home.