Moving Start Dates of PhD's


I am applying for PhDs but they all start in October 2021 However, my Masters will end in January 2022. Is it possible to move the start date of a PhD till after my masters ends?
Or is it to long of delay.

Thanks in advance for the advice,


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Usually yes but it depends on the project. It is only a 3 month delay and most funding is somewhat flexible.


I can only speak from my own experience. I was accepted onto my PhD project in August but due to legal back and forth between the Uni and external company sponsor, I didn't actual start until February of the following year. This was only an issue of no income for those months but there was no issue with the funding, once it had been awarded to the project the Uni had 12 months to start using it or it would have been allocated to a different project and funding would have had to be applied for to the funding awards body.

So a short delay to finish your current degree should not be an issue, as I'm sure they are aware of your studies when you applied for the position.

Good luck!


Thank you for telling me of your experience. I was worrying quite a lot, thinking that having to move the start date by a few months would affect my chances.
It is relieving to hear that this is not the case.


Thank you for answering my question and releiving me of my worry