this season


Perhaps why a departure to another country seems particularly hard for me is that in this season which across many religions, traditions and peoples is a time of coming together, a festival of light, has become a season of loss. Many people around me are experiencing the loss of friends and family members this month, and it reminds me of the fragility of life and of what is of real importance in this life--your ties to others. I will miss beyond words my family, friends and home. Yes, I have a great opportunity in studying in the UK, but it does not come without a lot of sacrifice, and a real sense of loss. It is at best a mixed situation. I will do my utmost to enjoy the time away, but it is going to be that--time AWAY...away from the people, places and things I cherish most.


Are you going to be alone this Christmas?


There is a lot of peer pressure in this season. I think we should not give in to it: no-one says that you have to visit your family on the 25th of December. You can visit them, and have better time with them, at any other time of year, instead of rushing round the country like a blue-arsed-fly trying to fit visits to all your relatives into one week.

I ignored Christmas by choice this year: I'll visit my mother's family in January, my father's in Feb, my brother's in March, and so on.


life is a trade-off. You cannot get everything. It's natural to be nostalgic during the festival. you can live with that. Happy new year


Sorry you are feeling sad about coming over to the UK. Try to think of it as an interesting life experience (although this is perhaps not the most interesting of countries - depending on your outlook). I would advise everyone to try living in another country at some time in their lives. Which country are you in now?