My boss asked me to drop out of my Phd program


I have been studied Phd for 1 year before joining this research institute. Currently, I work full time and pay for my own Phd tuition in an unknown university. After the probation, my boss asked me to drop out of my current Phd program. He offered to give me a Phd scholarship in a UK top university. However, there are two drawn back conditions 1.) I have to drop out of my current program and focusing on work in this organization for 2 years before getting the scholarship. 2.) The Phd degree is not related to my education background or interests. Therefore, I politely decline my boss offers.

In the past year, he constantly asked me to quit my current Phd program and taking his offers. I informed him that “I would like to focus on my current Phd Program” but he does not seem to care about my current education. He gave me so much work, it is so overwhelmed. I informed him a few times that the workload is way too much and my Phd is so suffering. He claimed he understands, but nothing has changed. I used to cry in front of him due to stress, burnt out, and disappointment. He made the situation worst when he sent me to work for this project where everyone has resigned and no one want to work for this project. I am now handling this project alone without a clear direction with a new supervisor.

Now, I have worked here for a year and am in my third year in Phd. Although, my organization is high profile in my country and the seniors here seems to support and give me a good opportunity to learn and grow. However, my Phd is very suffered due to too much workload. I am so unhappy and have not talked to my boss in the past month. It is so sad because we used to be a good working relationship and now I am at the point of resigning. I am wondering whether I am stupid that not taking his offers and want to resign from my job.


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