My life has been made a living hell by people who are a disgrace to professors everywhere !


Hmm tricky issue, but I think that I have to say Fled and Walter_Opera make some pretty good points and I also agree with chickpea.
All these issues depend heavily on the supervisor and the rules he or she has and also the expectations of students he or she has. I have covered a variety of research positions with one post involving supervisors mailing at midnight to ask people to come in for 7am (which I did - it was required) to my current supervisor who grants a lot of freedom.
If the PI in the original situation requested attendance at 9am then, like it or loathe it, that’s what has to be done. I don’t think its OK to say 'I’m not a morning person' and then simply not arrive - especially if everyone else in the group does.
I don't want to appear mean to the original poster but I agree a lot with what Walter_Opera says! I would even venture to say (somewhat reluctantly) that the OP sounds to me to exhibit some self destructive behaviour.
What would have made it easier to be a little more objective in what to think here it would really require knowledge of the behaviour of others in the group and bearing in mind the post is 6 months old we are unlikely to get any more information.
But to others that look to this post as they may be experiencing problems I would take on board the advice given in the posts. If the PI says 9am then you go in for 8.55am, its not acceptable to be late for scheduled meetings.
I am of course in NO WAY saying ANY kind of bullying is acceptable having been on the receiving end of it myself, but I am saying its hard to be objective in this case.

All said I hope the original poster is fine now and been able to move on - wish them all the best really!