my studentship is still advertised


I applied for a pre-defined studentship in january and got accepted in february. However, the studentship continues to be advertised on uni. website along with and others. Does this mean they are still looking for people? or just a mere oversight?


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could it be that they have more than one studentship available?


Sometimes these things persist in cyberspace after they're passed. Happened with mine - was quite glad cos I had to keep looking up the advert to make sure I understood what the project was about.

Check if they have an expiry date showing on the ad.


I'm almost 3 years in and mine is still on the uni website! so wouldn't surprise me if its just an oversight...
but it is worth checking if there's a deadline alongside the advert


It says applications accepted throughout the year. think the advert went live in november. i'm hoping just an oversight, its a niche area and i cant see them putting 2 students almost in competition with each other, on the same brief. anybody heard of it happening?