My viva experience - from viva to examiners report


So I had my viva back in November. In all honesty I found it very tough and was glad to see the back of it. I had 2 external examiners and it felt like a personal attack. The independent chair had to intervene a number of times to request the examiners give me chance to respond to their criticisms. They started with their dislike of the title and then worked through their criticisms of each chapter and the thesis as a whole. There was a lot of constructive criticism (what I'd anticipated), several harsh comments and a few compliments. After 1 and half hours of discussion I was asked to leave the room and called back in 25 minutes later where there was no handshake or congratulations, I was simply told that I had passed with minor corrections.

Yes I was delighted but also quite confused as during that 25 minute break I'd convinced myself that the outcome was R&R. I then proceeded to sleep for a week (between being spaced out at work during the day).

Fast-forward to this week, I have received my examiners report which confirms my minor corrections outcome and details the corrections required. Corrections involve either re-writing or restructuring 4 chapters and a couple of additional paragraphs or pages in another 4 chapters. I'm a little disheartened at the extent of the corrections required and these are going to take a few months to complete but all in all I'm happy the viva is behind me and I only have one more hurdle to go.

Thanks as always to everyone here for being a support :)


Just get the revision over with and move on with your life. You need to stay positive and press on!

AND congratulations from me!

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Best of luck with the revisions and congratulations on the successful viva-even if your examiners' responses made it seem as if it wasn't the successful viva that it was!

It will be over soon and you will be Dr Grumpy Mule! Well done-wishing you luck for the next chapter.


Congratulations! You are almost there now so put the negative comments out of mind and concentrate on that!


Congratulations... a pass is a pass!