name change for ladies?


Wouldn't Dr Satchi-Blanc be the best solution?


hi hazyjane, wowzers, Ian (mackam_beefy) and metabanalysis

thank you for your replies! Very much appreciate it. Ian the deed poll website is a great help thanks veyr much. At this moment I think I have at least made a little progress about my name change decision --

first -- I'm going to drop my first name.

second -- but I still haven't decided about Dr Satchi or Mrs Blanc yet.

love satchi


Satchi-Blanc is too long?! my last name is Tillotson-Keating and its my daughters maiden name! 🤣🤣🤣


why change your name full stop. why do we do this ?
I changed my name when I got married. Pain in the arse, thankfully I didn't not change all of my docs, so now I am changing / dropping my married name
Basically you build up a professional cv, professional brand then destroy it for what? personally, double barrel names are a bit too fussy for me and again what for? you trash your brand.