Need advice to change supervisor


I am writing here because I need some advice (badly): I had a scholarship for three years to do a PhD, but I didn't proceed at the desired speed, mostly because of my supervisor: after one year he completely changed the direction of the project, and insisted on me working with an angle of his liking, and had some really weird methods with regards to writing, anyway, I lost a ridiculous amount of time, and also the little academic reputation that I had before, because the angle he forced on me was not the best. I didn't quit before because I had some other practical problems and couldn't look for another job, then six months ago I just decided to pursue my own angle and never met the guy again, my papers are now accepted to conferences again, but I want to change supervisor.
He was the one who created the scholarship, and he is also very "powerful" in the country, so I am having difficulties in finding another supervisor unless I go look abroad. Next week I finally have to meet him after six months, and tell him that I don't want to see him anymore, basically, although we will have to meet at the final discussion of the dissertation, any ideas on how I can tell him that without pissing him off too much? I read that when I graduate he gets a check from the university, so maybe he is interested in letting me finish without interfering, still, even if I can't stand him I don't want to be offensive.

thanks for any suggestion! sorry for the length, I got carried away


Bump - can anyone help Tired?


Dear Tired

I also had to change supervisor, in my case it was because the research direction kept changing and I felt I wasn't progressing and because my supervisor would only let me work on what he wanted me to do. When I approached him about it (after initially contacting the School within which I am based) I told my supervisor that I did not wish to continue working with him as I felt that his style of supervision did not suit my style of working and that I felt this was impacting my PhD in a negative way. I said that I respected him and thanked him for his help to this point but that I didn't see how we could continue to work together in a positive and progressive way. Hopefully that helps.
I did have some help and guidance from my school, perhaps you could meet with someone there who might be able to help?
Initially I was very reluctant to even bring up the issue but I eventually realised if I didn't do something I would get nowhere.


Very difficult. I had 3 goes at PHD and left due
to supervision and disagreements with reviewers. I know I am capable but now
choose to write books alone. PhD is all about meeting criteria and fitting
through hoops. They seem to stunt individual thought. Academics need to be more


thanks, my only issue is that I did take money from the uni for three years to do very little, and although I know well that my lack of achievement is mostly due to my supervisor (before meeting him I could write decent papers), I still feel he and others might see me as a leech of the system, taking money for producing very little. How can I fix that?


I should seek a second opinion and inform somebody higher up. You should not just have to leave as I did.