Need help for Phd Title


Hi,I am Ashok from india,
i am software engineer, i am keen for Phd but not finalize the subject or title of Phd, can any body suggest how to finalize the title.
my interest is in computer + management relating subject.
Can any body help me for the same???


Probably not no.


Dear glorious friend of great significance, I have thought long and hard about your plight to find an appropriate title to your PhD. I have good suggestion though. Write down key words that concern your PhD, so computers, management, funding, fun, software, and then arrange them into a symmetrical shape. Then buy a 'rotating dial' from your local DIY and place it in the centre of your symmetrical word shape. After this use a dice to spin (a score of 1 equals 1 spin, 2 two spins and so on) the rotating dial to choose words for your title. You should be able to form some amazing spontaneous, random and original titles.


thumbs up!


Be nice !


Whats your PhD about ! How can we help you if you are the only one who know what you have been doing , should you have more idea about your work than any of us . Soz!


I gather from your post that you havent written up any kind of a research proposal. If this is the case I think it is pointless trying to come up with a PhD project title and you are wasting your time asking questions like the one you have posted on this site

if you have access to peer reviewed journals, use them. identfiy a specific problem which interests you and is of interest to your peers and your title should parallel the problem you are trying to solve or the question you are trying to answer.


Thanks all, Got the ur point...
let me dig more.....and i'll surely get back you to all......for more help
thanks to you all again....