Need Help In Finding An MSc!!!


Hi, I graduated with a dual honours in biochemistry and computer sience. I got an overall 2:2 but in my biochem i got a 2i and a published dissertation in the american journal of medicine. My biochem is my stronger subject and im really regretting carrying on my computer science into the third year as i know without this a 2i or a first would have been in sight!!!

I really want to do a PhD and have got a career plan which i would like to follow but getting accepted on to a PhD course with a 2:2 is proving difficult to I'm currently looking for funded Msc or a MRes and this too is proving impossible! i just dont know where to look, i must be doing something wrong! can anyone please advise/ help. Thanx


Hi Amina, an MSc in Bioinformatics could be useful to you as it could combine your CS and biological knowledge. Check out the course at Ulster University and ask them about funding. Best of luck.