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I've been having a bit of a poo time recently in my private life (death of a family member) and have been off for a while as a result.

Just spoke to my supervisor today and he suggested that due to phds generally overrunning plus having to make up this time off I should be planning to stay on til xmas.

The thing is my funding ends September and I have a mortgage etc which can't be covered by just hubbys wages so cannot possibly consider staying on like that but I have no idea how to tell him esp. as he's been understanding over the time off etc.

Any suggestions on how to broach this with him would be very welcome. Thanks

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My supervisor too has this weird perception of life and money - she seems to think my hubby can support us both (which isn't really doable). I really played up to this and she *found* me some research assistant part-time work, which pays more 3 days a week than a full time shop job and is just enough to keep me and hubs afloat for a few months. So maybe lay it on thick and try and get some teaching/RA work while you write up?

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Is there anyway you could power on and finish by September? If so, perhaps set out an achievable plan to show your supervisor before you broach the subject with him. It may show him you are prepared to step up the pace and that the extra time will not be needed.

Failing that I think Sneaks idea is a good one.

Good luck!!


Hey Gemnjam, I would just be honest and tell him you can't do it financially. I'm not sure whether supervisors forget that we aren't made of money or just don't worry about it because it's not their problem- mine is the same, assuming I can hang around for a year to wait to hear the outcomes of fundings applications whilst earning nothing and not applying for other jobs. Just explain the situation- you could see if there's any work going in your department or if you believe you can finish by September then tell him that and go for it! Best, KB