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So, as the thread title states, I am shitting myself over starting my PhD in Business and Management Studies (Marketing) in October. I don't know how to do a seminar, give presentations, and find research partners to publish with. I am not that great at finding research topics and not a great speaker in public. Plus, my masters dissertation survey has gone down horribly, as I can't seem to get respondents. So, I am quite nervous that I will be a terrible PhD because I won't know how to do anything. Is this normal for new PhDs? Not knowing what they are doing or how to do anything?


Sounds normal to me! Doing a PhD is an apprenticeship so you learn how to do these things as part of the process. Talk to fellow students and go to lots of conferences to learn about the topic but also how to present; work out which presentations are good and why.
Read. All the time! It helps you find and polish your own writing style. Don't try to compare your knowledge or progress with other people, this is uniquely your learning experience and it simply won't compare.
This forum is great and has supported loads of us so do keep dropping in.
Good luck, Mog :)


Where are you going to be studying? Lots of places run courses to help develop things like presentation skills, managing your research project and surveying the literature. A PhD is a learning process and I know I had doubts before I started mine but you quickly settle in. Once you start cracking on with the research everything else just comes naturally.


No advice, just wanted you to know that I am TERRIFIED of starting mine in October, and I'm sure others are in the same boat!


I'm a Sept start and also terrified. Serious case of imposter syndrome!


Glad to see others are in the same boat. I think my biggest issue was that my dissertation has gone so bad during the data collection phase and I've been getting to frustrated that it makes me wonder if I really want to do this. I enjoy the research, but this stage has been hell.


You'll (all) be fine... I felt like this all the way through my PhD which was in a different subject to my bachelors degree, and I managed to pass! I still feel like an imposter even now I'm a Dr ;)


Glad to hear. Here's hoping it goes well!!!


I'm also worried about the social aspect. I'm on a graduate teaching scholarship so will also be working for the department so I'm really neither full staff nor student. I really want to make some friends but bobbing on in my late 30's with children makes me feel like I am going to be out of the loop a bit. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to got to the Freshers weeks stuff etc etc. This is my first time full time at a uni! My degree was OU and MA was part time mix of distance study and attendance at about 10 Saturdays a year! Needless to say, no friends made then.

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Quote From wowzers:
I'm a Sept start and also terrified. Serious case of imposter syndrome!

lol I still have this and I'm 2 years in :)))) It's very common.


hi BRyanUsrey! congratulations on your new adventure :-)
Don't worry about it, you'll do just fine. I started posting in this forum when I was doing my masters---my confidence has grown too--along the way, I've also made new friends etc.

We have our ups and downs---for example I was quite down about my job applications--and got loads of advice from people--now I handle myself better :-)

If you feel like you don't know anything---this is a GOOD sign, believe me.
Be happy :-)

You'll be ok

love satchi