New Offer, and I am afraid ! How to Get rid of the ghost of Bad experience as a PhD student


Dear Friends,

I would like to thank you for last six months since I was forced to leave after one year in PhD although working hard, I was blamed and I was forced to be another aloof country because of the need of the money, it is also awful little payment, negative vibes.

I am always a passionate girl, belief in the power of God, and also believe that I am passionate about the topic I have been working before being forced to leave.

I have applied to many and many positions which turn up with rejections. As you may know, my mental health has been affected, and I am sorry to say that, but till yesterday I was thinking literally of killing myself, but I was not able because I still believe in God.

Till morning, I received an email that I have been offered a position and it was out of 300 applicants, I have been selected for the position, of course, I cried and I have never had this feeling regarding my professional life as I really do like my work.

I thanked God, but I did not reply yet, I am thinking again: during the interview they mentioned the project did not start yet, and from their words, they mention I am going to be the master of the project ( independent), I still have those fears, I made sure I need to do a PhD research, just working on topic I believe could help people, and hope to work with an evil supervisor who really compassionate.

The question is: the project must start as soon as possible, and I made sure I don't want to continue in this aloof country, it just like a prison for me, I don't know how to deliver that to them as they give me contract till October. The second thing is: What I should reply to them, should I take one month break? I am afraid if I told them, they may refuse, I dont know. What Guys do you recommend to me?


Just to add, I have applied for other companies, just to switch, but I have been turned down, and I do believe that I need to continue in the topic after deep thinking. The only dilemma is the financial situation, I cannot take a vacation for a long time because I am dependent on myself. I would be grateful for your thoughts and recommendations.

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I am so happy for you!!!! You did it and got an offer after all that hard work and despair.

When leaving a place, it is better to be up front and honest about leaving. They would prefer you to tell them and serve your notice that you to take a holiday and never come back. I would offer to do 2-4 weeks of notice to hand over your work and then go. Trying to cling onto an old job as back up never ends well.


Absolutely thrilled for you, you deserve this! And yes I agree with rest :) just wanted to say I’m really pleased for you.


Hi, monkia,

Congratulations on the new offer. If you need some rest time before starting, it is fine to negotiate a 2-4 weeks break. Just ask them politely.

On your current role, give notice and go. Read your contract's terms and conditions. If it is two week's notice, then give them that in writing and leave. You do not need to tell them where you are going. It is your personal matter. You do not need to feel bad. They will find a replacement.


Dear all, thanks so much for your positive words and I am thrilled by your words and advice, from heart I wish for everyone who relieved the pain of me and other students, have eternal happiness and success, you cannot how you guys help us, from my deepest, I would like to say thank you!