Not looking for love: please don't stalk me on my PM.


So, I check my mail and find this in my inbox:

Dearest love,

My name is princess and my email address is([email protected]) i saw your profile in this site and become interested in you. I am a loving lady who is seeking for my true love, I want to end my loneliness, and my mind tells me that you are the kind of person i want in my life. I am very romantic, caring, honest and faithful. True love is hidden in every heart and it continue for life time. For more details about me, kindly reply me AT([email protected]) i'm waiting earnestly for your reply,then i will give you my picture.


re "my mind tells me ...", you need a mind transplant. shame on you!


Couldn't she have been a bit more original? Copy/pasting the exact same message to so many of us on this rude :-s


I agree it's very rude!! Not just to men but women also! Phew!!


Noooooo. she is being unfaithful I thought that  I was the only one PRINCESS had eyes for.....

Seriously though, my better half already thinks I am keeping a mistress in the spare room where I spend far too much time and which I insist is not tidied (it may look a mess but it is MY filing system). Could easily keep someone hidden under the piles of papers. So having alluring invites from seamstresses in my inbox could cause significant domestic disharmony.


Aww, I didn't get one :-( no love for me. Oh well, at least my PhD won't get jealous this way. hahaha


I got one!! I never get these!! I'm so pleased, and yet saddened that I'm not the only one.....

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I didn't get one. I feel left out now. :-(

Ah well, my other half wouldn't be amused if I ran off with some fluzy anyway!


But wait... I got this. I replied. We've been making small talk until the early hours. The dress has been hired, and the church booked. AND NOW THIS!! The cheap little floozy. I'll show her, with her "Oh 4Matt, you're soooo amazing". I'm going to take her to the cleaners for this. She'd better have Max Clifford hired, or she's going to be in big trouble. And as for you, Dafydd and JoJo, playing her game. Sick. She's mine, and hands off!