not perfect PhD submission


Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum for some time and found it very helpful, just wondering if someone could help. There was a post recently about submitting an incomplete PhD - well mine wasn't incomplete - it was finished but I could have done better, I just ran out of time. There were references missing, and I could have done a stronger conclusion (though I thought the discussion was good). What do you think the chances of me getting through the viva are with that. Should I make a list of the things I know are missing, references, things I could have added to the conclusion. Any advice? I feel exhausted but also a bit down as I know I could have and should have done better. Thanks



Sounds familiar.

Some of my references were incomplete within my resubmited draft, but I was still awarded with minor corrections eventually. With minor corrections referring to complete reference list, proofread, rewrite abstract etc etc.

Sounds like a good idea to take these along with the viva. I certainly did, although my examiners didn't want to see my acknowledged limitations tables, but they seemed pleased that I made the effort to identify mistakes which could be used for later drafts.

My PhD thesis is very much behind me now, but there seems to be some flexibility in addressing corrections in later drafts. In my case anyway!

Best of luck and congratulations for submitting.


"it was finished but I could have done better"

The best PhD is the finished one :)


Like a painting, the thesis illustrates skill, creativity, attention to detail. But it is never perfect!

Pressing the 'send to printers' button took me an hour. There are still flaws, but it is a picture.


My revised thesis is far from perfect. But i really don't care... :-)