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Hi Guys,

I am Sandra Maniam. I have previously posted regarding bench fees and thank to all of you I have settled this issue. Another issue that I am facing is I still havent got my offer letter from Oxford. I will commence my DPhil this Oct and I am afraid that I do not have much time. I was told it takes two weeks for a letter from UK to reach Malaysia. I called the Dept and the Graduate Studies and they told me they sent the letter on 4th June. Should ask them to send again? Please advise



I would just hang in there, the two weeks have just passed. Maybe wait until the end of the month (another week or so) and contact them then.


Hi Sandra,

If its alrite, can you provide some information regarding your application process. Meaning how long did it took to get a response and when you applied for the course. Did you provide a project statment?




Good day to you,

I am from Asia. And this is the first time I have posted my thread on this forum. I really need your advice:

I received an e-mail from my future supervisor in the middle of May 2009 (19/5/2009) about the "unofficial admission news". He was saying that I could expect to receive an official letter from the University by month end 5/2009. (He interviewed me for the Ph.D). However, so far, I have not yet got the letter. I am so anxious as it takes time for me to apply for a visa.

Do you think that I should e-mail him and ask for the name of the contact person from the admissions office or should I just wait until the end of June 2009? (Normally, it takes 10-15 days for a letter from the UK to Asia by post). If I asked him, would he think that I bother him too much? I really want to establish a good working relationship with the supervisor for the future work.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help


Dear QTK,

Maybe it is a good idea to ask your supervisor the person to contact if you have any enquiry regarding your offer. I think the letters are due to sent by mid july as all the letter I have obtained so far need a reply by 31st July... I have called few times to the graduate school and even email them but at the same time cc to my supervisor., by doing this at least I knew the status of my application... Im anxious too as I havent done my visa and my sem starts in Oct.. I think your supervisor will ustand ur situation.....

Hope it helps..



Could you get them to fax the letter? My understanding is that faxes are not legally binding so you would have to check that - but it might be something to start the visa process moving - just a thought.


Dear Sandra,

Thanks for your advice. I wrote to my spervisor to ask for the contact person of the admissions office to enquire about the official offer letter. He was very responsive and helpful. He contacted the admissions office himself to ask them to rush this letter to me late last week. Right away, the office also sent me the scanned version of the offer letter, which I could confirm my acceptance. So, basically my offer is now unconditional.

I hope the original offer letter and the visa letter would reach me some time in the middle of July and I can start to apply for visa. The British visa office requests "ORIGINAL" documents.

Also thanks Smilodon for your advice. I appreciate that you are trying to help me out.

You guys are very helpful.