Oh yes, I'm in!


Hey you all!

One year and half of silence from me but I have some good news now - I got that scholarship! The last month has been hectic - left job 1 on the 17th, job 2 Tuesday, moved to my new place and finished the registration with the University just yesterday... What a race...

Now I'm (almost) settled in, I'm contemplating the work ahead. I have one question for you all by the way (maybe it's been answered already, and I know it's been discussed anyway, but I can't find where exactly): is there any free bibliographical referencing software I can get somewhere? That is compatible with Mac? I know Endnote but I'm not keen on it - and not keen on paying for it...


What does your uni stalk in the library?


Congrats. Zotero. You just need Firefox. It's more sophisticated than Endnote imo, but obviously you need to check it does what you want it to.


Congratulations :-)


Thanks! :-)

I will try Zotero then - best way to figure if it works for me really.

For the library I'm not sure as I'm totally new to the university. I have an appointment with a subject librarian next week though, I'll ask then.