OMG! I wrote 5,000 words today....


...and all seems to be usable, apart from slight amendments perhaps. Ah the powers of a deadline...

Half-dead now...

good night everyone :-)

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thank you :$
maybe it's not that big deal for some, but for me it's a lot!


That is awesome! Well done. I need some of that! That is a huge amount to write in a day in my opinion, you should feel proud. Hope you have a good nights sleep - you must after writing all that! (up)


aw, thank you Slowmo. Got 6 hours sleep, back to writing.
Good luck with your writing too.


I am in awe of you (but do know the feeling of motivation that a looming deadline brings!)


Flipping heck that's some going!!!!! I've done something similar once or twice when a deadline suddenly looms at me but most of it would be unusable lol lol lol :) Hope you got some decent rest, you well and truly deserve it!!!


Well done 404! Keep at it!



Thank you so much for good words. I'll post here if I can finish the remaining 12,000 by Sunday night, hoping it might be useful to others. I remember feeling very encouraged with other people's threads re writing goals before.

I wish you all good luck with your work. (up)


Pfft, writing "goals". :p

A far bigger achievement is that I scored 4 goals yesterday. It takes my season total to 5. Okay, three of them were defensive errors and one was smashed from three yards, but still.

Anyhow, enough of my nonsense, I would honestly take a day off after writing 5,000 words in one day. That's like....a thesis done in 12-20 days!


heheee :-)

Exactly! goal is a goal, doesn't matter if it's a defensive error or sleepy goalkeeper... Congrats for the season's 5th...


Well done. I am really struggling trying to motivate myself so your post is encouraging.