On a CV, when do you consider the PhD completed?



As the title suggests, I am wondering what it is normal to put on the CV for completion of the PhD when applying for a postdoc. Is it when you submitted, the date of the viva, when the corrections were approved, when you get the final letter from the university saying the postgrad committee has approved everything or your graduation?

Any clarification appreciated :-)


I'd put the date the corrections were approved (it's a certainty then isn't it?) and once you get the final letter I'd start using that date.


I agree it's when the corrections have been signed off and approved. Everything after then is just a formality, and should flow smoothly, in its own time, which can vary depending on timetables for relevant uni meetings, graduation etc.

Before the corrections have been approved things could still go very wrong. The student could fail to do the corrections satisfactorily within the required timescale. Once approved, yay :)


What about when you've had your viva and your internal examiner who approves the final corrections starts using the title before you've done them?

Would this be a safe case to use it then? It looks so much better on the CV!


I wouldn't do that myself. It could still go all wrong. I'd put down on the CV that I had passed my viva subject to (minor or whatever) corrections. But I wouldn't be swayed by what the internal does.


Thanks for your replies ! :-)

I will go with the date of the letter that everything has been approved. I just was not sure if that would make it look like the PhD had taken a long time, as after submission there are so many steps which are outwith your control (3 month wait on the viva, 1 month to get reply from internal that corrections were approved, then almost another month wait to get the letter after I handed in the final copies to the postgrad office), but it makes sense since really that is when it is properly finished.

I guess if everyone uses the same date, then the people you apply to will be aware that those final steps can take longer or shorter depending on external factors and are not necessarily a reflection on you.

Thanks again (up)

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For me, once I got the letter from the Research Committee saying I'd passed.

I suppose you could once any corrections had been accepted.

Before that, the simplest language would be you're awaiting results or 'subject to Research Committee approval'.