One for the scientists: especially HPLC users


This is a most unexpected side-effect of the credit crunch: we can't get hold of acetonitrile anymore (which as dramas go is pretty dull, but to us is like WWII rationing).

According to Fisher, "The limited supply situation with respect to acetonitrile has become significantly worse..."

Need a black market supply soon or our work will grind to a halt



you need someone to find a bacteria that will produce acetonitrile in huge quantities like they had to do in the war for producing gunpower and cordite with Clostridium acetobutylicum 8-)


one of the methods i am using at the moment relies on acetonitrile (in v small quantities, but still...) i am based in industry and they have had to reduce supplies by 70% but *hopefully* someone will find a solution soon!


Yep, we've been told we can only have 30% of our usual order. Tricky, that's a pretty good idea!


I'll look into it and make myself rich!!


Great! Can I place an advance order for 10 litres of your finest bio-acetonitrile?