Ordinary BSc + MSc Distinction = ?


I have an ordinary BSc degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Leeds University, and I have also an MSc Distinction degree in Food Safety and Quality Management. I recently worked in a funded research project in genome dynamics for 4 months as well (part of my MSc thesis).

Could anyone please tell me any ideas of what are my options with all these in the future? Do I have opportunities to get a good job? I am very worried.

Thank you.

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Was your first degree an ordinary BSc or were you awarded an ordinary BSc because you did badly on an honours degree course?


It was because I did badly on an honours degree course. Not because I couldn't understand it, but because after the 2nd year I could not manage everything, e.g. supporting myself financially, in home, studying etc. I got stressed out and I lost it and I lost 3-4 subjects and that was it.