Overwhelmed with meta-analysis


Never having done a meta-analysis before, and now having to do one in three months, has anyone got any suggestions about where to start. And "the library" is not an option! :-)


Hi there! I am in the same position. The first step is to formulate your research question, and then start a systematic search of articles. You will probably need to order articles, all this takes quite a long time! What topic are you doind?


Try to go on some kind of short course, it will be well worth the time invested. Meta analyses are incredibly complex (as you are finding out!) and there are many potential pitfalls. Find yourself a good statistician to advise you, your Uni should have a source of stats support for PhD students. Good luck.


Hi dub22, the topic is dentistry, performing a compare & contrast, so the question is easy. What about you?