Oxbridge PhD.....year out


I want to get a PhD in Oxbridge in a neuroscience topic. But the ones at the moment I'm not too interested in. What would they think if I was to take a year out and work in a lab and then apply when some new PhDs are proposed and I could apply at the end of 2007 for 08 entry.


I don't think that'll cause any probelems. Besides the practical experience will do you good.


They'll probably never reply to your correspondence or emails because noone has ever taken a year out before so it's just crazy talk. They would be amazed that you didn't go straight to your PhD.

Maybe you should find somewhere which does do something you are interested in??????


I dont think that is true. I know people who take years (a masters is really a year out if you got a 2:1 or above and want to enter science). Esp if you take a year out doing related work (lab based). Shows that you will be more likely to get straight on with fewer problems, and also that you definitly enjoy lab work. You will prob be snapped up if you have good references.

Though I wouldnt get to pent up on Oxbridge. There are other places (what if next year none of the proposals take your fancy?)


Hi Roopa, hope you're OK

Like others have said, why don't you think about other unis? I'm concerned that by putting so much emphasis on *where* you want to a PhD, you're marginalising what it will be like to do the 3-4 years of the subject when you're actually there. You could be missing out on a brilliant opportunity elsewhere by narrowing your choices to Oxford or Cambridge.

If you get a PhD, it will be impressive wherever you get it from (as loing as you don't buy it on t'Internet or anything


Hi Roopa,

6 out of 7 of the PhD students in my year (first year) have worked for at least one year before they started their PhDs. I think it is better to get a bit of experience because you have more of an idea what area you want to go into and you have much more practical experience than someone who has come straight from a degree. Although if you are not too keen on the PhDs advertised at the moment in neuroscience, maybe you should consider a different area?


I know I know, it sounds ridiculous only wanting to do a Phd in Oxbridge or london. I want to do medicine afterwards and I'm wanting to go into neurology. I'm studying Msc clinical neuroscience at the moment. Neurology is realy competitive and thats why I want some academic time in London or Oxbridge.

I'm studying in Queen Square in London at the mo, and all the neurologists here are either from oxbridge or london.


I'm contemplating giving it all up, all my studies...i quit. I'll just get married and have babies.


why not. It might be more fun.

On a different note-even if most neurologists are from London or Oxbridge, I doubt that they all have a PhD from those institutions. I don't know if you have noticed but: unlike MSc, MA or MBA vary in value dependent on institution (the same with BSc and so on), however, once you reach PhD level it doesn't really matter from which institution the degree is.


Thats true, thy graduated from medicine in london/oxbridge, not PhD.


I think it's more important to find a project which interests you, rather than thinking about the name of the institution. Of course it may sound great to get a PhD from OxBridge, but I don't think this's the critical factor.