This thread is also three years old.

JSatre, you haven't even answered the OP question, who just wanted to know if PhDs etc are considered just as good as the undergrad degrees.

It seems like you are using this forum to vent your anger out on your university which could get you into trouble.

If I were you, I would seriously consider getting admin to remove all your posts bad mouthing your university, it makes you look VERY unprofessional.


Alright, I'm sorry, I admit I was in bad mood yesterday, alright. I'll be more carefull in future. I really came on to this forum with the hope of giving others a chance to learn from my bad post graduate experiances.
I'm sorry if I got a bit carried away.


even your apologies are boring!!!

Do you think that the attitude problem you demonstrated in most of your posts explains your no-friend situation? no-one likes an aggressive person that acts as though the world is against them.

Try a more positive outlook, go on, your first ever friend could be just around the corner, and you never know, perhaps a girlfriend (unless you like blokes or animals), but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves


1.5 years into my PhD at Oxbridge and having done my MSc at the LSE, my advice is: do not come to Oxbridge, stay in London!


I started a undergrad MBiochem, at Jesus College, Oxford, although I didn't complete. My opinion of Oxford, from the time I was there, is that it has great facilities, and certainly has academics who are a the top of their game. Whether it's any better than other universities, especially the Russell group unis, is debateable. Certainly in sciences there seems to be little difference if any, with the "Oxbridge is better" statement being a myth perpetuated by those who have Oxbridge degrees. The place can be very stuffy, and it certainly isn't like living in the real world - I much preferred my time in Sheffield to my time in Oxford and, unless I found a superb, out-of-this-world project with a brilliant supervisor, I wouldn't touch Oxbridge again with a bargepole.


Why are we even arguing. London town is the best place to be innit.


Absolutely. London is much more fun than Oxford or Cambridge. It is the biggest city in Europe so I suppose it's no surprise.


Funny... I thought Dublin was the biggest city in Europe, not London?

It just keeps Dublin and Dublin and Dublin!!!!!



That was shocking. Just shocking.


Ha ha! Dublin and Dublin! Finally the standard of humour on this forum is 'exponentially' rising! Haha!


Quick! Let me grab a pen and write that one down!


jradetzky, have you had any warnings for your continual bringing up of old threads?

If not, you should.


H, are you a bit of a misery guts?


BurgerKing, quite the opposite actually.


Cheer up misery guts!