paper help again please


hi, is anyone able to access these journals please? I would really appreciate the help.

1. my uni only has after 2001:
Br J Social Psych 1995 (Vol 34), pp. 437-461
"A comparison of leading theories for the prediction of goal-directed behaviours"
Bagozzi and Kimmel, 1995

2. This one I couldn't get:
J Appl Social Psych 1998 (Vol 28), pp. 1429 - 1464
"Extending the theory of planned behavior: A review and avenues for further research"
Conner and Armitage, 1998

thanks very much
love satchi


Hi Satchi,

Tough luck...I have access from 1999 onwards...sorry that I was unable to access the papers.


hi starlight222
thanks for trying
love satchi


Satchi, do you still need the Connor paper? I just checked my catalogue quickly and I can access the full text, so I'm happy to send you a pdf if you still need it. Of course, I'm late to the party, so you've probably got it by now.x


hi Cornflower
thanks very much for posting
the Conner paper was already kindly sent to me

love satchi