paper review on cv?


Hi all,

If i have reviewed a paper for a journal, can i put that on my CV? I'm not sure because peer review is supposed to be anonymous.

Sim nice but dim :p


Hey Sim! Apparently you can- I have reviewed a couple of papers for journals and my sup says I can put down on my CV that I have acted as a reviewer for peer-reviewed journals. Don't know how much weight it holds but I think it's worth putting down- it shouldn't really affect anonymity because you don't have to identify the journal or the specific paper! Best, KB


Cheers for the reply KB!

I just saw you other post about being sad: it sounds to me like you've got a great work/life balance going, i envy that. i don't think you're doing anything wrong and should carry on as you are. if you carry on as you are, you'll still be you, not your supervisor!!