Part of a PhD in France


I am thinking of starting a PhD in nursing. Is it feasible to start a PhD in the UK and complete it in France? (By doing the final year writing up in France). I have searched on Google, but any suggestions welcome!



I know lots of people who write-up there PhDs away from university, so to do the last year in France wouldn't be a problem for most unis. But you'd have to be willing to visit your supervisor, and continue to fulfill any academic duties (if any), such as, attending seminars.


Thankyou for the advice.


Do you think you could do this if you were funded? Do you intend to be affiliated to a Uni in France Campingnurse, or just live there while you write up? I ask because I am also keen to write up in France - but not with any particular uni, just for peace and inspiration...


We're potential moving to France for 18mths or longer. So I am thinking about the possiiblity of starting a PhD here and writing it up there, overlooking some mountains! My French is of a rusty GCSE level, so need to start French classes anyway but I wouldn't be at a level to do a PhD in France.

I'd be quite happy to come back periodically to see my supervisor in this country.


It probably wouldn't be a problem - I am doing the same but in Italy.


ahhhh, sounds great. I want to do that too!



Did it affect your funding by saying you wanted to do your writing up in Italy? Was it something you mentioned at the interview stage or at a later date? Any advice welcome!


i know someone who moved from london to paris simply to save on the living costs during write-up. this person comes back to london about once per month to meet supervisors etc. by train it is only 2h15! and still much cheaper than living here.

this person never even told anyone that they have moved. would you feel it necessary to tell your supervisor that you are moving, if it were within the country? as long as you keep doing what you are supposed to be doing. looking out the window at french mountains could be distracting, or inspiring


I am doing a PhD in the UK but am being funded by my employers in Italy so yes, I told them from the outset that I wanted to stay in Italy (for family rather than research reasons really).


In science as the final year often involves no lab work then you can write it up where ever you want.