Part-time phd part-time job


hi all,
i've been offered a part-time phd together with a part-time technicians job. The tech. job is 1 day per week and the phd 4 days. Its for 4yrs.
for both I'd be receiving around £14000 (perhaps a little more) per year, and living in Kent.
I haven't accepted the position yet but am very tempted to. just a little concerned about living on such a low wage for so long, and i'd be over 30yrs old when i finished. the thought of earning so little then is quite daunting.

Would i be able to get a mortgage on this salary (with perhaps 20% deposit)?

Does anyone studying a phd find they have enough time to do part time work as well?

anyone other advice?


i financed my own PhD - so it cost me about £12,000. You will earn that in one year! And I was bringing up 3 kids, and I'm over bloody 40. Don't moan to me about getting paid to do your PhD.


yes, you're probably right. i'm worrying about something that isn't too bad really. I tihnk i was foolishly comparing my current and future financial situation to that of my friends of a similar age. Most of them now seem to earning lots and buying houses, but in 4yrs time i'll still be a poor-ish student.

p.s. my hat goes off to you for doing a phd with 3 kids to bring up as well.


Its not a lot - particularly as a PhD now gets about 16000 (dependant on where you go) and thats tax free.

I presume you are doing this part time option because its in your preferred subject are/ location/ or to suit your lifestyle?

However as you say its only temporary

being over 30 isn't the worst thing in the world, I'm 30 this year Yea!

As for the mortgage, there was a post yesterday about it - its a bit complicated and you have to be careful - best to look at the previous post - plenty of acvice there

good luck



You probably don't like to hear this, but I definitely would not recommend part time study for a PhD. Main reason are bad experiences of friends who eventually all quit and limited support, supervisor departures to other institutions, lack of private life and similar, rather negative issues.


Alot of full-time PhD students take 4 years to complete. It's pretty common for PhD students to struggle financially. In fact, I think it's part of the whole process. I wouldn't actually say you were in such a bad position actually. At least you know that you're going to be able to fund your studies!


Sorry, is the job for 4 years or the PhD enrollment? If the former, my mistake and I would definitely do it. I thought it's some sort of 7 years PhD.


thanks for your replies.
The job is 1 day/week for the full 4 years.

i had a look at the mortgage on a phd stipend post. some good advice in there. i shall tread carefully.