passed VIVA


Hey alll I know I have been very quiet here, but I just wanted to let you know that I did pass the viva and now have to do corrections within 6 months. I dont know what to feel really! everyone keeps saying congratulations and all I feel is a sense of emptiness and I want to find it in me to do the requested changes and hand it in - I am not redoing the viva thankfully.
The whole viva experience is still quite raw in my head but I will be sharing it soon :-)

anyone had a similar experience?

Thanx to every single person who supported me back in early summer to just keep going, this forum is the reason I even managed to complete it in the first place.


Well done, remember the worst of it is over. Just do the corrections and you're home and dry!!!


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Congratulations :-)


Congratulations to you! The hard part is over now - the sooner you get those corrections in, the sooner you can get on with your life Dr! (up)


hey all thank you very much for the responses, I think I still cant beleive it!


Congratulations Dr! I know I felt numb for about a week post viva. I desperately wanted to just get the corrections done and move on, and you can do the same. Take a break while awaiting the examiners recommendations and then get stuck in. It really does seem daunting to go back to your thesis but break them down and tick them off. You have passed so well done :p


Thank you so much Dunni73, you have been one of my inspirations on here, I remember reading your viva experience and thinking I hope I am there one day! Its a great consolation for you to tell me you felt the numbness as well...I need to just regroup.
The changes they have requested are not monumental and I will follow your advise and break everything down to bite size chunks. Thank you.xx


Dr. Naturalme!

Congratulations!!!! Please take a break now! Worry about corrections few days later. It can be pretty rough after the viva and what you are feeling is perfectly normal. So, take a well-deserved break!
In my case they asked me for 6 months too but I ended up doing the corrections in 6 weeks or so. So, hopefully you will do fine too. Don't worry!

All the best (up)


fab news Dr. Naturalme - I noticed you had gone quiet! Take a break and then tick those corrections off. I'm delighted for you (gift)

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Huge Congrats!!!!:-):-):-)


Hi naturalme!

I have just had my Viva and had the same outcome, medium revisions and no viva as they said I did very well in responding to the questions and kept calm, even though I soon began to realise that they had quite a few problems with my thesis. What puzzles me is how can my supervisors have told me to submit and that all was going to go well if it didn't. In my department no one had as many difficulties as me getting through both the upgrade and the viva. I partly blame my first supervisor as I am his first phd student and he tends to be a bit overly-ambitious (which is a problem for everyone else looking at my topic). My second supervisor, despite being an excellent academic, tends to be quite condescending and not very helpful. I also realised that despite the fact that i had specifically chosen to have my supervisors present, they were asked to leave and had to wait for two hours or so in a coffee shop! I have a feeling that quite a few people have problems with the way my first supervisor is. I don't mind that, but what infuriates me is that he made me change my initial approach half-way through my phd and so i did. Now, however, I got the feeling that I am basically being asked to go back to the former. Naturally, everyone knows that I know my topic inside out, but they are asking me to narrow it down and re-include the details that my supervisors asked me to remove!!!

So I share your feeling of emptiness. I have been unable to eat and only a few glasses of wine seem to be able to calm my nerves enough to sleep. My friends and family have been incredibly supportive, and even my supervisors and one of the examiners tried to sugarcoat the experience for me. However, it is to no avail. The reality of the situation is that we have 6 more months to go. I admit that I am fed up of living between the library and home. Besides, nobody is guaranteeing that the second submission will go well. Nonetheless, everyone told me that after having worked so hard I simply cannot give up. And that is very true. However, I will try and be stricter in expecting straightforward advice that is manageable. Fortunately, my supervisors are willing to see me through this extra stage which probably indicates that they believe i can do it.


Hi Naturalme! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations(up)

Sokia, Congratulations(up) I'm sure you'll manage to get your revisions done and everything will work out. I doubt they'd let you off the hook otherwise;-) have some faith in yourself, the examiners do...