That's all I have to say!


DJ, I thought you wanted Glen to win and fancied him like mad......

Can't wait till BB finishes!


I hope the big brother house burns down


Yes, with them all in it!!!

For extra measures lets shove all past contestants in there too, especially Jade Goody, with all the lard on her she would burn for weeks.


Absolutely, perhaps we could wait until the flames die out, then we have a years supply of pork scratchings


Give her any food and she's yours


I had the misfortune to watch a bit of BB for the 1st time in this series last Friday.
I makes me so angry that these people are rewarded for being annoying attension seeking imbeciles with riches and fame. I mean, my god could anyone be more dense and irritating that this lot & society says well done, here have £100000 and appear in OK and we'll treat you as if you have done something special and are a good person. It makes me really cross that people can be famous with zero talent, skill or hard work, just by being dim & cheap.........Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
That Nicki one.. what was she on? All those wierd winging noises she made, shaking and peculiar extreme hair brushing because she was going back into the house. How very odd.
I think they should all be rounded up and ssent to the front line on a disaster zone.


Better still, napalm the house they are in


Yeah sure

Sod it, lets wipe out all the rubbish countries, starting with France (after we export every last drop of wine)


Anyone but Nikki (someone as egocentric as she is that really shouldn't be rewarded for it) and Aisleyne (her incessant shrieking makes my toes curl with annoyance!!).


Pete won. Yes!!