PhD Acceptance


Hello...I have been informally offerred a PhD position, pending them checking up on references and getting official copies of my transcripts. I have already sent unofficial transcript copies, and I am sure the referees I chose are good. Does it ever happen that they go back on their unofficial offer at this stage? I really want this Phd and I know I am probably worrying too much. How does it normally work with unofficial and official offers?


hi ailicec,
if they told you they're offering you, then they're offering you :-)
however, its safe to have the official letter.
please dont worry.
love satchi


Hey, I am just new here so hello. I am in the same situation. I got the call today, offering me a funded position. I wondered if they ever go back on their offer before the official letter, but I am hopeful this is never the case!
Congratulations on getting the place.


Haha exactly the same with me. I was offered a place 6 weeks ago. My official letter won't come through until next month. These things take AGES (!!!) but I'm told it's just a formality. I do wonder sometimes what would happen in the (very very unlikely) event of them reversing their decision. It would destroy me but hopefully this won't happen. *knocks on wood*

A seems that many people are in the same situation. It gets frustrating because I would need to give notice at work and plan everything etc etc. can only wait. Good Luck to everyone :D...Hopefully we will be able to support each other during the coming years :D



It might help others as well to know this. Today I sent my Supervisor an email requesting whether I could consider the post formally offered. I needed this because I have been offerred a job, for which I need to give a reply by next week. Within 10mins I received a reply confirming that the post is mine.

WEEEEEE starting my PhD (hopefully I would look back on this post and say noooo...but at the moment I am happy :D)