PhD and the weather


I have a strange problem. I am from Poland and I would like to start the PhD in England or Ireland, but.... Two years ago i had a difficult spine operation. After rehabilitation everything seems to be fine now, however, when the weather changes all the time or suddenly it disturb my normal function and comfort of living. That`s why I`m asking how do you all feel when the weather changes and how meteopaths like me can live there. I know that for others this argument of choosin a place to study sound silly but for me it is important and I have heard that the climate of England is difficult. -Asia


you must be joking...???


I'm sorry to say this but the British Isles would not be the best place for someone with your problem. The weather forcast is wrong some of the time because we have such unpredictable weather. You could have a heat wave one day and next week it could be snowing.


sorry for not taking you serious with your "problem", but once you'll start your PhD the weather will definitely be your smallest problem...


I think it is strange you are obsessing about doing a PhD in Ireland or England when you obviously have never visted either place. Surely the place of study should be about the research you could do there and the opportunity to work in a good research group.


Hi Asia, I think if you are concerned about and limited by the wheather you really should find another place than Britain. The wheather changes really quickly and it is completly normal that you wake up to sunshine(like today) and now it is pooring down with rain and i make a bet it will be nice and freezing cold tonight. i would look for a place with more continental climate as it is normally more stable.
good luck


Dear Asia,

what you describe regarding your spine and getting pains when there are sudden changes in temperatures or humidity is not unusual. Obviously of all places UK and Ireland are known for these quick changes. Maybe a countries like Italy, southern Franc, Spain or US would be better for you, however if you have to go to the UK then southern coastal area may suit you: the climate in general is somewhat milder (some even claim it is subtropical in Torquay, which I cannot confirm)


You could also stay in Poland or go to south or east of Germany, where climate is more stable and continental.


Or Finland/Helsinki. Great country, people are relaxed and friendly, everybody speaks excellent English, universities teach in English, food is acceptable. Long winter and long summer - one of the best countries in Europe, if you ask me.


Finland is stunning - a great country, with great people, and the food is better than Jacques Chirac would have you believe. Nice women too, although that's not really a PhD-deciding factor...


>>You could also stay in Poland or go to south or east of Germany, where climate is more stable and continental

? Sweeping statement! Which part of Poland? What time of year? You been in winter?

Tu nigdy nie jest tak zimno jak w Polsce w zimie!


I've been there in summer only. However, due to its geographical position the climate is more stable and continental. In other words, long cold winters and long warm summers. At least not so many changes every second day like in UK.