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Having just completed MSc in project management at the Robert Gordon Uni, I’m now looking at furthering my studies as a PHD. I’m currently looking at Leicester and Liverpool Uni but there seems a vast difference in cost. Can anybody advise on the typical cost (Self funded) for a three/four year PHD or suggest any other Uni where I can study for my PHD in project/Management as the distance learning method



I can't really - I think it does depend on the uni in question. I would advise that you look for a university that will offer you a studentship as it's really very hard to work and study for your PhD too. Being on a studentship usually incoporates your fees too so its one less thing to worry about. I really wouldn't advise entering a PhD without a studentship or some funding.


It can be very hard working and studying on the same time.

Moreover, depending on the topic you may have field work expenses- travel, food, hotels. I assume that you won't have the expenses of a science PhD like calibration of equipment, repair of equipment, consumables etc. In that case self funded PhD is just impossible- well, unless you are a very bored billionaire....


Quote From lindalou83:

I really wouldn't advise entering a PhD without a studentship or some funding.

Agreed. Loss of earnings is a far more serious cost to worry about than differences between universities, particularly given that the return for the investment of time spent on a PhD is highly uncertain.


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Going on the value of a studentship, I would reckon you'd need to be prepared to have at least £16,000 to spend per year to be able to pay the fees (£4,000 rough guess?) and have a basic living allowance of £12,000. Plus then you'd probably need another £1000 per year for books, training courses, conference attendance etc. So if you were to do a a PhD full-time in 3 years you'd need £51,000. And then of course, be prepared for your PhD to take longer than three years (a lot do), so another £17,000 in reserve. A lot of money! I've heard it's tough trying to do a PhD part-time, and personally know some people who completed theirs in no less than 8-years. Find a studentship as everyone else is recommending :)