PhD fieldwork in a security red zone


I'm thinking about starting a PhD with a UK university, with fieldwork based in an area where I have previously worked. The problem is that this area is marked by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) as a security red zone, with advise against all travel. Does anyone here know if a UK university is legally allowed to support a student doing fieldwork in a red zone?
I also noticed that some funding bodies will not provide funding for research for students in these areas. Did anyone have this problem and can suggest where I could find funds?
Thanks a lot!

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I know this is a bit old but I had an interesting conversation today with someone similar.

The person was also travelling and collecting data in a high risk area but was able to get permission to travel. There was a special process that they went through via the legal team and pro-vice-chancellor to get approval. Basically they said, they had experience in the region, research was desperately needed on the topic and it fitted with the universities goals. There was a lot of paperwork and the person signed a document waiving the university of responsibility but it was possible. It may vary between universities but some do have obscure paths for high risk trips abroad.

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I think I recall one of my qualitative research lecturers talking about their research with children in refugee camps that had been set up in or near war zones. Hope you've managed to find more out.