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This questions really aimed at full-time PhD students receiving a stipend. Seeing as it's coming up to the end of the quarter, I was wondering, how do you cope money-wise? Do you find that you have quite a bit to spare at the end of each quarter? Or that you just about break even? Or do you have to resort to job/parents/savings? Personally, I'm a student in the south of England (not London allowance area) on the basic 13k-ish stipend, and find that I really don't have much, if any, left over at the end of each quarter...

What kind of situation are others in?


That's about the same as my stipend, plus I earn a bit of money from teaching and tutoring which goes into savings (principally then to be removed to pay for my car insurance when it comes up for renewal next month!) when I can afford it. I tend to be fractionally into my overdraft, since it's interest-free, at the time the next quarter's money comes in.

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I'm always in my interest free overdraft - it might as well be my general account. I do bits of teaching and consultancy, but always under £5k for the year so it stays untaxed. I have hubby's money which is good because he pays for the mortgage and bills and then I pay for food, travel, petrol etc. but it all seems to go! Luckily I am sponosred by a company and their money (around £2k) is supposed to go into my monthly stipend pay BUT for some reason it never does, so I get paid it across 4 months all in one go (these next four months - yay!) so I have an extra £500 each month until july. Although this year I'm putting it towards a 'funding finished, can't get a job, can't afford to eat' fund for october :-(



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Quote From Panel_Manager:

We're looking for fun, enthusiastic, intelligent young people

That's me out then.

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I notice that one of your clients is Tussaud's (yes I've looked at your website - I'm a researcher, I can't help it). If I go ahead and apply, can I have a personal loan of the new Robert Pattinson wax work? He can stand in my office and will me on to finish my thesis :-x